The repatriation of the bodies of COVID-19 victims has begun, with the UAE taking the lead

The bodies of Indians who died from COVID-19 in foreign countries are being returned home.

Despite the fact that the central government intervened and made a positive decision in this matter last year in response to a controversy over the delay in bringing bodies, the airline companies were hesitant due to sterilisation concerns.

Bodies of COVID-19 victims have begun to arrive from abroad, with authorities now providing more clarity on the procedures.
Instead of embalming, the bodies will now be transported in aircraft following a rigorous sterilisation process.
The UAE Health Ministry delegated sterilisation to a private company, and the first body of a COVID-19 victim was delivered to Nilambur in Kerala the other day.

Currently, Emirates Airlines has agreed to transport the bodies to India. Expatriates have demanded that Air India make arrangements for the bodies to be returned home.

Documents from the District Medical Officer of the victim’s native place, in addition to the sterilisation certificate, must be produced to complete the formalities.

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