Tips to give a fresh vibe to your home

Many of us are stuck at pandemic and are working from home or attending online classes. So we easily  get bored of our surroundings quickly.  A simple room makeover will  brighten your home and gives a fresh vibes. Here are some tips.

Place plants 

Plants refresh our home and add a warm and comforting vibe. Place plants in the areas lookin dull and boring and be sure to water them enough and don’t keep them in no sunlight.

Rearrange furniture

By  changing the position of your bed or rearrange the seating area of your room which includes stuff like bean bags, chairs, and couches will gives a fresh look to your abode

Change the curtains

Curtains decides the vibe of your room. Remove those plain curtains and replace it with bright, floral pattern to instantly add colour to your room.


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