“I don’t want Taimur and Jeh to be movie stars” : Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan in a recent interview revealed that her second son Jeh is rather comfortable with newer faces around than Taimur.

“At six months, Tim didn’t like too many new faces, but Jeh seems comfortable. Taimur has more of Saif’s personality, and Jeh seems like a wonderful mix. Tim is a typical Saggitarian; he is creative, he likes art, colouring and drawing, he loves exploring and whats to know about everything. Jeh is Piscean… let’s see how he is going to develop.” Kareena said.

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“I want both my sons to be thorough gentlemen, I want people to say they are well-brought up, kind-hearted and I will think my job is well done. I don’t want them to be movie stars. I’ll be happy if Tim comes and tells me I want to do something else… climb Mount Everest may be… that’s his choice. I want to stand by and support my boys.” she added .

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