3 Zodiac signs who are unable to see others succeed

The race begins at three, two, and one. Athletes take off from the sprinting track, and one of them is injured. To your surprise, everyone else comes to a halt to assist the injured sprinter and allow him to finish the race.

Cut to another scenario in which a sprinter deliberately pushes another in order to knock him out of the race. Not to win himself, but to prevent the other from winning. Do these sound like over-the-top Bollywood sequences from the early 2000s? They aren’t entirely.

Similar people can be found in real life as well. If you don’t believe it, here are three zodiac signs who, according to astrology, can’t see others succeed.


Pisces can often appear as mean, and self-obsessed people. It’s hard for them to see others succeeding while they still are struggling to get to a particular stage. They may feel jealous, and, often, try to hinder others’ success as well.


These, too, are people who are not happy with others’ happiness. They will try their best to demotivate the other person and bring his/her morale down to an extent where s/he won’t ever think of pursuing that dream again. They can easily misguide people towards failure.


Scorpions are difficult-to-understand kind of people. You may won’t ever know if a Scorpio really wants you to succeed or is just pretending to be. They may appear to be extremely sweet on your face, but deep down in their hearts, they will go to any heights to not let you or your plans taste success.

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