What do dreams about your ex with their new partner mean?

Dreams about your ex can send you mixed signals and cause you to be extremely cautious. After all, no one wants to think about their ex! It can be even worse if you have dreams about your ex and their new partner. This can set off a chain reaction of emotions, causing you to reconsider your decision—”am I still in love with my ex?” These emotions are unavoidable, but don’t worry; they all have a specific meaning. Read on as we decode your ex’s cryptic dream with their new partner!

Worried about it all happening with someone else

You may be legitimately concerned that your ex’s new partner will be in the same situation as you. You may be concerned that their new relationship will begin as a happy adventure only to turn sour in the end, as it did with you. Understand that this has nothing to do with you remembering your ex.

Need to be appreciated

You may feel the need to be acknowledged by your ex. You may be envious of your ex’s happiness with someone else. You may try to make a comparison between yourself and the other person because you are insecure and unhappy. As a result, you may even try to make your ex’s partner appear less capable in order to feel superior.

It’s time to move on

This dream could mean that it’s finally time to let go of your ex, especially if they’ve moved on. You shouldn’t have to live with guilt and sadness for the rest of your life. You, like everyone else, deserve love and happiness. Remember that your relationship is over and that you are now an individual with different goals.

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