5 Things you should never say to your child

Children can easily pick up on the language and tone you use. The phrases we use or the words we choose when speaking to or around our children will reflect on them and how they perceive the world. It has the potential to shape their beliefs as they grow older. These phrases may appear normal to you, but your children may grow up with a victim mentality, believing they can never succeed or are always in need of something more.

A small habit of choosing the right words to communicate with your children can help kids reach their truest potential.

Here are 5 things to not say to your children:

“We can never afford that”

You don’t want your children to feel that their dreams or aspirations can be limited by money. Instead, make them work hard for it. You want your children to know that money is a great value that can be earned through hard work but it does not quantify your dreams and happiness. Your kids will cultivate smart financial habits and have patience when it comes to prioritising happiness over materialism.

“I do everything for you”

This will make them feel that everything you do for them is out of obligation and not out of love. Parents’ love for their children is supposed to be unconditional and everything you do for them is purely out of love and not intentional.

“Stop being such a child”

It is okay for a child to behave like a child. It is okay for them to make mistakes. It is normal for children to cry. Parents sometimes can be a little too harsh on their kids, by saying this you are making them act a certain age that does not come naturally to them. To enforce a certain behaviour on a child at such a young age is going to make them uptight and conservative.

You can never do this”

This is the worst thing you could say to your child. It will straightaway make them feel incompetent and inefficient in so many different ways. It will limit the talents that they felt confident about. Parents should motivate their children and celebrate their milestones in order to make them move forward in life.

Anything bad about your spouse

No matter what, try not to say anything negative about your spouse in front of your children. Parents should be mindful about how they regard their significant other in front of their kids. Try to avoid fighting in front of your children or speaking in a harsh tone to your spouse. Your children should feel the love and believe that things always work out.


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