An elderly woman murders her husband “to put him out of his misery”

Thiruvananthapuram: According to reports, an elderly woman in Thiruvananthapuram murdered her bedridden husband Because she “could not bear to see him suffer any longer.”

Sumathi is said to have confessed to her crime after her husband Gopi, 74, was discovered dead with his throat slit at their Manavari home near Anavoor on Tuesday morning.

The elderly couple’s son saw Gopi dead and called the police, according to the police. Sumathi was discovered unconscious in the area and was taken to the hospital.

Gopi had been bed-ridden for 15 years and Sumathi reportedly told the police that she wanted to put her husband out of misery,

Earlier this month, an 86-year-old at Kuravilangad in the Kottayam district had murdered his wife. The elderly man later told the police that he had been deprived of sleep as the woman used to remain awake at night due to illness.


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