The use of sanitizer to clean mobile phones has negative consequences

According to reports, using sanitizer to clean mobile phones may not be such a good idea after all. Sanitiser on mobile phones tampers with the display, speaker, camera, and microphone. Because of this, the glue used on the display may be removed, potentially causing damage to the display.

The phone’s audio system may be harmed if sanitizer is used over the microphone and speaker. After a while, the phone will stop working properly. The finger touch system of smartphones, including the finger unlocking feature, may also be harmed as a result of sanitizer overuse.

If sanitisers are to blame for the phone’s damage, the mobile companies will classify it as Water Damage, which means the phone will be out of warranty.

According to employees of mobile service centres, many people use sanitizers extensively to clean their mobile phones. The service centres have issued a gentle reminder that instead of spraying sanitiser all over the phone, it should be properly wiped down with a tissue or cotton slightly dabbed with sanitiser.

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