Why Hema Malini’s dad pushed Dharmendra out of the house

Once Dharmendra , Hema Malini and Jeetendra were in news for their love triangle. Hema Malini’s biography Hema Malini: Beyond The Dream Girl reveals that her parents were against her relationship with Dharmendra. He was already married to Parkash Kaur and also had children with his first wife.  Book says the actress’ parents wanted her to marry actor Jeetendra.  But their secret ceremony was spoiled by  ‘drunk’ Dharmendra.  Angry and intoxicated Dharmendra tried to stop the two from taking the plunge. Jeetendra’s girlfriend and now-wife also accompanied Dharmendra.

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Hema Malini’s father lost his cool and physically pushed Dharmendra’ out of their house. “Why don’t you get out of my daughter’s life? You are a married man, you can’t marry my daughter,” he yelled. But , Dharmendra was madly in love with Hema had decided to take matters into his hands and wasn’t going to back down. After all the drama, the family finally allowed Dharam and Hema to tie the knot.

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