These zodiac signs have a soft spot for the supernatural

Some people are extremely practical, and they question everything around them. Belief in the unknown and supernatural is not for everyone, but there are some zodiac signs who believe in ghosts and enjoy researching the various spine-chilling theories. So here are the top five signs on the wheel who are fascinated by the paranormal.


When it comes to the unknown, the supernatural, Geminis have many stories to tell. They do not believe in it as such, but they are interested in learning about various theories.



Leos are frequently drawn to the paranormal, including black magic. They are fascinated by the unknown and even believe in some things. It is up to them, however, how deeply they want to delve into it.



Librans are drawn to magic and fairies, but they try not to show it. They are drawn to supernatural things, but they associate with the positive aspects of it.


This zodiac sign on the wheel has a proclivity for trying new things and learning about them, and their curiosity sometimes gets the best of them. They enjoy ghost stories, but they are rarely frightened.

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