Green flags in a relationship that indicate you’ve found your soulmate

We frequently hear about red flags to look for in relationships in order to avoid dating the wrong person. As a result, we frequently look for warning signs of a toxic partner, such as gaslighting or emotional abuse. But we rarely consider the ‘green flags’ in a relationship that can make your partner a joy to be with. So, today, we delve deep and bring you aspects of relationships that are considered green flags, indicating that you are dating a keeper.

Even in times of distress, they communicate clearly with you.

When they’ve had a bad day, the last thing you need is a partner who acts distant and shuts you out. Clear communication can help you avoid relationship drama and ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the two of you.

You can be your authentic self, there’s no need for pretence

People, like you, often dress to impress when going on a date, and they initially present the best version of themselves to their partners. However, as time goes on, you should be able to relax around each other and hang out in sweatpants or pajamas rather than fancy outfits. It can be liberating to date someone who allows you to be yourself, where you can unabashedly binge on chips or fart around them. There is no room for criticism because you know they already adore you for who you are.

They are your biggest cheerleader

When they are happiest to see you grow and succeed in life, you know you’ve found the one. They will not only cheer you up when you are down, but they will also support your career as well as your personal goals.

They don’t have a compulsive need to win every fight

A healthy relationship is one in which you both recognise that you are on the same team. A good partner will not argue with you just to prove that they are always correct. They will value your company more than winning an argument with you.


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