What does your guy think after you have sex with him?

It feels great to lie down with your partner after making love to them. Guys, on the other hand, have their minds racing with ideas right after having sex. Many men are concerned about their partner’s reaction to having sex with them. Or if they were any good in bed. Let’s take a look as we break down what guys think after having sex with them.

“Did she enjoy it?”

Guys would rather hear from their lady love whether they enjoyed having sex with them or not. Every guy wants to know if their partner had a good time, just like them. They want to know if their partner is eager to move on to round 2!

“Did she orgasm?”

The great-O! Every man is skeptical about orgasms and pleasure. Men, on average, climax faster than women, so they like to believe their partner has climaxed as well. Most of the time, however, this is not the case. It hurts a man’s ego to know that his or her partner hasn’t reached their peak.

“Should I stay?”

Men who engage in casual or hookup sex with their partners are frequently left wondering whether or not they should stay after having sex. Because having sex is the main priority in casual relationships, staying after sex is something that many women may dislike or find too awkward.

“Did I finish too fast?”

Every guy who comes within minutes, if not seconds, thinks the same thing. In comparison to their partner, they may feel embarrassed about orgasming this early.

“What’s after this?”

Ladies, men are either thinking about round two or planning when to take you out on the next date. Unless it’s a casual relationship, men tend to think about the future with the women they just had sex with after having sex. If it’s the latter, men consider sneaking out of the apartment and catching the next taxi back home.

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