How to give your home a fresh vibe

Your home needs to be updated every year.  Lights, furniture or showpieces, everything at your home will complete the story of your personality and style of living. Christmas is nearing so give your home a fresh vibe by changing your home decor in a minimalist way.

 Fluffy Shag Carpet 

Carpets enhance the beauty of your living room . They make your house look fresh and classy. Hand woven fluffy shag carpets are true beauties that uplift your mood and provides comfort.

Cotton Stripes Double Bedsheet

White bed sheets are always charming. They makes one feel refreshed and relaxed. White is a soothing colour so it gives positive vibe .


Cushions enhance beauty of room. It elates the overall look of the furniture and the mood of the people sitting. They are like a cherry on the cake.

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