Ali Akbar, a filmmaker from Kerala, has renounced Islam

Thiruvananthapuram: Malayalam film director and Sangh Parivar fellow traveller Ali Akbar announced that he and his wife were abandoning Islam in protest of a section of social media users allegedly revelling in the tragic death of Chief Defence Staff Bipin Rawat and his wife in a helicopter crash.

On Friday, he made the announcement in a video posted on social media. “I am no longer a Muslim as of today. I am of Indian origin “The film’s director stated in it.

In the video, he slammed those who used smiley emoticons below news reports about General Rawat’s death, saying he couldn’t stand with the “anti-nationals” any longer.

Akbar’s decision comes after a section of a minority community was said to be celebrating Rawat’s death. In October of this year, the film director-turned-politician resigned from all BJP positions, including that of state committee member, because he was “painted” by the Kerala unit’s organisational level action against BJP state secretary A K Nazeer.

However, Akbar has stated that he will remain a member of the BJP.

In an emotional Facebook post, he said it was difficult for the average person to comprehend the humiliations and abuses endured by a Muslim while working for the BJP from his own family and community.

The filmmaker is currently working on a film about the Malabar rebellion, also known as the Moplah riot, which occurred in north Kerala in 1921.

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