Signs that your partner is extremely jealous

If your partner wants you all to themselves all of the time, this is an indication of unhealthy jealousy. They are so obsessed with you that they don’t want you to be alone or spend time with others.

They are emotionally dependent

They rely far too heavily on you for emotional support. Rather than being content with what they have, they will always expect you to be available for them at all hours of the day and night. They may be unconcerned about your time and availability.

They like to control

One of the first characteristics of a jealous person is a desire to control and manipulate others. And if your partner makes you feel bad, sympathetic, guilty, or any other emotion based on their mood and benefit, they may not be the best for you.

They keep track on you on social media

Your partner will always be at the top of any list that includes you and social media. While you may think it’s a good thing that they are so attentive, it may not be so good after all, because they are constantly stalking you to find out where you are.

You have to validate your actions

Do you ever feel obligated to tell your partner everything? This is because they are subtly controlling you. You believe you must validate every action you take in order for them to be satisfied. You’re also afraid of making them angry.

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