4 Zodiac signs that love loneliness

If having a steaming cup of coffee by your window side alone is your idea of a perfect Sunday, you may enjoy solitude. While some people are anxious about the prospect of being alone, others crave it. While it doesn’t matter which you prefer, astrology may have a role to play if you prefer loneliness and are wondering why.

According to astrology, there are four zodiac signs that enjoy solitude.


It goes without saying that these magnificent beings adore solitude. While the majority of them are introverts or ambiverts, even extroverts don’t mind loneliness and will spend most of their time in their dens. They enjoy the silence and see it as a time to reflect on their thoughts, make important life decisions, and evaluate themselves. Leos prefer to be alone than to be with someone who does not share their energy. Loneliness also helps them become a better version of themselves.


A Scorpio, like any other sign, prefers solitude. Scorpios enjoy spending time alone with themselves and their partners, which can include reading or drinking coffee. While Scorpios bond well with others, they do not want to be constantly surrounded by others. Loneliness relaxes Scorpios and helps them to keep all negative energies at bay.


If you are or have been with a Cancer, you are aware of their fondness for solitude. A Cancer doesn’t mind being alone and prefers solo trips or vacations. Whether it’s because of their past experiences or their insecurities, they’re never able to be their best when they’re around other people. Only when they are alone will they be their true selves and in the most comfortable environment.


Libras, like most people, enjoy solitude. They are constantly found hanging in their homes, and they will cancel plans at the drop of a hat. A Libra would prefer to go to parties, movies, or vacations alone or with someone in whom they have complete trust. Only when they are alone are they able to set goals, make plans, and figure out how to carry them out.

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