Check out Google Doodle’s winter celebration, which features an animation of a hedgehog walking on snow

On Tuesday, Google decided to commemorate Winter 2021 with an animated Doodle (December 21, 2021). The Google Doodle depicts a hedgehog walking through snow.

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21, when the Earth’s pole is tilted away from the sun at its greatest distance, resulting in the day having the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. It is also referred to as the December solstice, the hiemal solstice, and the hibernal solstice.

The Winter Solstice occurs only once a year, when the Sun is 90 degrees below the observer’s horizon at solar midnight. The summer solstice is the polar opposite event. This is the December solstice (usually December 21 or 22) in the Northern Hemisphere, and the June solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (usually June 20 or 21).

The Winter Solstice sunrise will be at 7:10 a.m. and sunset will be at 5:29 p.m., according to drikpanchang. Furthermore, the Winter Solstice is widely regarded as the ‘birth of the sun,’ as the days begin to lengthen after today.

Notably, today’s Google Doodle is similar to one that the company tweeted on June 21 with the caption: “As the Earth tilts on its axis, many across the Southern Hemisphere prepare to relax for the next few months… Happy Winter Solstice! #GoogleDoodle.”

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