How bra size affects how women exercise

Everyone is aware of the incredible benefits of exercise routines and the impact they have on us physically, psychologically, and physiologically. Despite being aware of the numerous benefits of exercise on the body and mind, many people continue to avoid it for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for a sedentary lifestyle is pain during exercise. For many women, the source of their discomfort is their breasts.

The study and results

The New York Times conducted a study on 355 women in which precise measurements and scans were taken to classify their breast size as small, large, or very large, and their exercise participation was noted. The findings revealed that as breast size increased, so did participation in physical activities. Women with larger breast sizes exercised less than those with smaller breasts, despite the fact that age should have been a determining factor for participation.

Possible reasons

Women’s breasts move laterally and vertically when they exercise. This can result in pain and soreness. Even when women wear sports bras, their movement is only limited to a certain extent, even in women with smaller breasts. This was especially true for exercises performed as part of a high-intensity workout or a high-impact regime. Only a few of the 355 women who participated in the studies jogged. It was also discovered that many large-breasted women believed that their breast size prevented them from participating in even low-intensity workouts like walking or swimming. The discomfort caused by the movement causes people to stop exercising and living an active lifestyle.

What can be done?

According to experts, women should be encouraged to find and fit a high quality sports bra or swimming suit that provides adequate support to the body, particularly the breasts. University of Wollongong professors have also created a special app that allows women to accurately assess their breast size and provides them with more and better information about their bra needs. Wearing two sports bras if you have large breasts may also help you get the extra support you need.

Low intensity activities

Low-intensity activities such as the exercise ball, walking, or yoga can help you stay fit while causing little discomfort to your body or breasts. Yoga is an excellent alternative for women who suffer from this discomfort because it requires only a few low-intensity movements. It also shapes the body and can be done without the use of any special equipment. Swimming or other water activities are also good options because the buoyant force slows the movement of the breasts and alleviates any discomfort.

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