A major tragedy was averted! Forces defused a 5kg IED planted on a Srinagar road

Srinagar: Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir averted a potentially catastrophic disaster by detecting and destroying a 5kg IED (improvised explosive device) put on the Srinagar-Wanpora route.

After obtaining intelligence that terrorists had planted an IED on the route, Pulwama police, the Army, and the CRPF conducted a joint search operation.

When the device was discovered, it was destroyed on the spot via controlled detonation.

“The IED weighed about 5 kg and was built in a container.” The IED was neutralised on the spot by a bomb disposal team of police and soldiers, according to security officials in a statement.
Following the operation, a case was opened, and an investigation was launched. Security personnel have collected up a few individuals for interrogation.

“A catastrophic catastrophe has been prevented due to early action,” officials stated.

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