Alphonse Puthren has plans to work with Rajinikanth ?

After Alphonse Puthren’s second directorial ‘Premam’ got released there were rumours that he  expressed disinterest in directing Rajinikanth for a movie. He was brutally slammed in social media for the same, however, later on, he clarified that all of those were rumours.

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During an interaction on social media, Alphonse Puthren confirmed that he has plans to work with Rajinikanth for a film. And his latest post suggests that the project is still on .

As a filmmaker I wanted to do a film with Rajinikanth sir. 99 percent directors would want to do a film with him. One day an article came out in an online page saying that Alphonse Puthren doesn’t want to do a Rajinikanth film. That news spread everywhere. Soundarya Rajinikanth had messaged me asking about this post. I replied saying that I haven’t given an interview to anyone since Premam release. She understood that and she talked to Rajini sir regarding this. That issue was sorted out then.

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