When AR Rahman dismissed allegations of buying Oscars

Music director Ismail Darbar once created controversy when he claimed that fellow composer AR Rahman had ‘bought’ the Oscars for film Slumdog Millionaire. Rahman had to come out and deny the allegation, saying that it was not possible to buy an Oscar.

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“I just don’t understand how the music for that movie won the prestigious award. What was Oscar-worthy about it? Nothing.” He added that the work on Slumdog Millionaire was much below Rahman’s other films. “I would have been happy had he won it for films like Roja or Bombay but not for Slumdog. He did not deserve it. A(And, I know that it has been bought” he added. Ismail refused to reveal how he knew the award was bought.

Responding to the allegation Rahman said“Oscars cannot be bought.”

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