Aamir Khan reveals why he was ‘removed’ from Darr

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is quite selective about picking the roles. In an old interview, Aamir explained why he was not in Yash Chopra’s hit film Darr, released in 1993.

Aamir, who supposed to play the charector done  by Shah Rukh Khan. In an old interview, Aamir revealed why he was ‘removed’ from the project.

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“I really liked the story and the role. Yash ji is definitely a very good director. I have done Parampara with him and I was also very keen to work with him. I have a principle that whenever I do a film with more than one hero, I request the director to do a joint narration. I am not sure if this is wrong or right but I follow this policy.” Aamir said.

The movie was a huge hit and Shah Rukh Khan gained huge critical appreciation.

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