Skin Care hospital uses Actor photo in treatment ad; issues apology after backlash

A hospital in Kerala uses an Actor photo in skin treatment ad issues apologies after heavy criticism. The Vadakara cooperative hospital has come under criticism after using Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman’s photo in a skin treatment ad. The hoarding also listed treatments like removal of skin tags, warts, milia, and molluscum.

But soon after the ad started circulating on social media, the hospital came under fire for using Freeman’s photo to promote their services. Many social media users slammed the hospital saying the ad had racial undertones. Following the online backlash, the Vadakara cooperative hospital issued an apology on Monday, saying the board was immediately removed after authorities came to know about the gaffe.

This is not the first time that Morgan Freeman’s photo was used mistakenly in India. Back in 2013, a billboard dedicated to anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore became the talk of the internet because it was printed with a photo of Morgan Freeman. The billboard was erected on the side of a road as part of memorials across India and the world to Mandela, who died on December 5, 2013.

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