How to avoid condom breaking during sex

Sex is a process that helps to reduce stress and keeps your mind relax. But sometimes it leads to pregnancy. To avoid such circumstances condom is used during sex. So it’s good to know how to use condoms. There are many situations condom breaks midway or keeps tearing whenever you begin using it. follow these tips to avoid such mistakes

1. Don’t expose the condoms to extreme temperatures- Make sure when you store your condoms, you store them in a cool and dark place. Do not keep them anywhere that gets direct sunlight. Refrain from storing them in very cold spaces as well as that can dry up the rubber and make it brittle.

2. Don’t use oil-based lubricants- Do not use vaseline, coconut oil or lotion as your lubricant. All oil-based lubes can lead to microtears in latex condoms.

3. Never use 2 condoms together- Layering your clothes in winter makes sense but layering your condoms during sex is a blunder! Condoms are designed to be used one at a time, performing on their own. It will in fact damage one of the layers during the friction.

4. Wear it correctly- There is a right way to wear it! The first check for any damage, then hold the rim gently in one hand and using your thumb and forefinger, pinch the tip and then roll the condom down. In case you are using an internal condom, remember it is only for the vagina or for anal sex. To use that, remove the ring inside and push it in with your finger.

5. Use a lube- No, a condom alone cannot and is not comfortable. If you do not use lube, it will firstly tear and secondly, the receiver might even feel uncomfortable.

6. Find the correct size- Buy a condom that fits you and not because it is cheap! The size of the condom matters a lot. If it is too small, it is bound to break.

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