Fraudulent act in the name of Kerala police chief; probe team visits Delhi

The Kerala police probe team visits Delhi to nab the fraud racket in the case related to online fraud. As per the reports, a Delhi based rocket by faking the social media account of state police chief Anil Kant looted Rs 14 lakh worth of money from a teacher in Kollam. On the basis of this, a case has been registered by the cyberpolice.

Similarly, based on the teacher’s complaint, Kollam rural police have filed a case. Based on the information that the fraud was committed by a racket in Delhi, the probe team has reached there for investigation. Anitha, the teacher, lost Rs 14 lakhs over a fake WhatsApp message sent by the fraudster who pretended to be Anil Kant. The incident happened a few days before.

The message of the fraudster read the teacher won an online lottery and need to pay tax or else a case will be booked against her. Initially, the teacher did not respond to the message. But the fraudster reiterated in another message that non-payment will evoke a police case. The message had Anil Kant’s photo and other details. The message also said that he is in Delhi and the fine needs to be paid before he is back in the state.

To confirm, Anitha called up police headquarters and the official there informed that the state police chief is in Delhi. Following that Anitha thought the message was legitimate and sent money to the account number. Interestingly, the state police are regularly alerting people over online frauds done by North-Indian rackets. Fraud in the name of the state police chief comes amid this. In another related fraud, some users received fake messages demanding money from KSEB. Many lost money and there are many complaints about the matter.


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