These 5 plants will bring your home financial prosperity and progress!

Planting trees in the courtyard is not for greenery only. Along with that, it brings a cool atmosphere and prosperity to your habitat. As per the Vastu shastra planting these trees bring prosperity and progress to your house.


Snake Plant- According to Vastu Shastra, by growing snake plants in the house, happiness and prosperity come. This plant is considered very auspicious. If you keep it in the study room of your home, it will open the way for your progress. You can also keep this plant in the living room and bedroom.


Cob Plant- A cob plant can be planted in the house to get a child. If you are not getting the bliss of parenthood for a long time, then you can plant this plant at home. Offer water in it daily and break the cauldron and offer it to Lord Ganesh. With this, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Coconut Tree- Planting a coconut tree at home is very beneficial. According to Vastu Shastra, by planting a coconut tree in the house, there is much progress.

Lajwanti- Lajwanti plant is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra. You can plant this in the northeast direction. Also, give water in it daily. By doing this, the defect of Rahu in your horoscope will be removed.

Lakshmana Plant- Planting the Lakshmana plant in the house gets rid of financial problems. According to the beliefs, Goddess Lakshmi is related to this plant. Therefore, applying it in the house brings wealth. Also, there resides Goddess Lakshmi. You can plant this plant in the east or east-north direction of the house.


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