Trawling ban to begin in Kerala shores tonight

The trawling ban will be implemented on Kerala shores and will begin by Thursday midnight. Fishing trawlers will have to keep off 12 nautical miles away from the Kerala coast as a 52-day-long trawling ban will come into effect. The ban will remain in force till July 31. Even after the commencement of the ban, the harbours will be open for 48 hours and fish sales will be allowed.

There will be no restriction on the operation of non-motorized fishing boats. Meanwhile, a section of boat owners has threatened to violate the curb. They claim that fishermen from nearby Tamil Nadu are allowed to operate on the Kerala coast. At the same time, the state government had a deliberation whether the annual ban needs to be called off in the next year as some claim it has no considerable effect on improving marine resources. Similarly, the fisheries department has assured that action will be taken against Tamil Nadu boat owners if they breach the mandate. The ban is enforced to ensure that there is no disturbance during the breeding season fish.

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