US cruise passenger was killed by the Shark attack

A US cruise ship passenger was killed by a shark while snorkelling near the Bahamas on Tuesday, according to local authorities. The 58-year-old woman from Pennsylvania was on an excursion near Green Cay near Nassau when the incident took place. Police later said that the family identified the shark as a bull shark.

A similar incident in the area took the life of a 21-year-old American in 2019. The woman’s cruise ship, the Harmony of the Seas, was docked in Nassau at the time of the attack. It had just begun its seven-day cruise of the western Caribbean from Port Canaveral in Florida on 4 September.

The incident is the first fatal shark attack in the Bahamas since 2019, when a 21-year-old woman from California was attacked by sharks near Rose Island, about half a mile (0.8km) away from Tuesday’s attack. In another recent incident, an eight-year-old British boy was injured after being attacked by three sharks in another part of the Bahamas. His father later told The Sun that the attack “was like a scene out of Jaws”. Globally, there were 73 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in 2021, including nine which resulted in death.

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