Horoscope (Sept 12 to Sept 18): Read about your zodiac signs

Aries- Ganesha says the starting period of the week will be very favourable for your health, happiness, social life, friends and relatives, siblings, and social activities and parties. You will emerge as an influential and highly respected person in society. In the middle of the week, you will have some extra burden due to your mother’s health and household expenses. In the last part of the week, there are indications that you will spend more money on the education and health of your children.

Taurus-Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, there will be a pleasant atmosphere in the family with family harmony and peace. Due to an increase in wealth, there will also be savings in your wealth accumulation. With the help of family members, you can get extra money very soon. You will put in a lot of effort to bring about a change in your social behaviour and social environment. We will try to bring necessary improvements to the environment around us. In short, your social activities will increase. You will experience peace of mind and happiness in the remaining part of the week.

Gemini-Ganesha says at the beginning of the week itself, there are indications that your mental state and work situation will be good, which will improve your social life. You will be happy with your heart and this will keep your health and happiness throughout the week. Your financial condition and happiness will increase in the middle of the week. You will remain firmly attached to your family members. Your family life and social life will be good this week. You can expect an improvement in your social and mental status. Your social circle will expand, but you will not get the desired recognition in social life, still, you have to maintain your self-confidence.

Cancer- Ganesha says the beginning of the week is not favorable for your mental state and health. Your immunity can get affected due to extra stress, which can make you fail in important tasks. Your mental health will improve in the middle of the week but you will not be satisfied with the situation. Work with a balanced approach in the workplace and have patience, it will be better for you. This will increase your confidence. Getting constant support and support from all the family members will help you to perform better.

Leo-At the beginning of the week, there are indications of an increase in income and gains in business. You will enjoy the support of your elder brother and your interest may increase in investing in the stock market. There will be more attachment between the child and the mother. Mid of week is not auspicious for your health, happiness, mental peace, mental health, and finances. There are also possibilities of loss in business. Keep your patience as far as possible during the time period.

Virgo- Your responsibilities in the workplace will expand, and the workload will increase. Having extra responsibilities will not make you satisfied with your job. The results of business trips will be of average level. Profits will be of the average level in the middle of the week. You will leave no stone unturned to turn the deals into profits. You will expect cooperation and support from your elder brother. They will give you cooperation and support but it will not prove beneficial for you. In the remaining days of the week, due to the effect of the position of the planets, there may be financial losses and unnecessary expenditure of energy and money.

Libra-You are likely to participate in religious activities regularly. You will take interest in prayer, meditative practices, breathing exercises, yoga, higher education, and social activities. The middle part of the week remains good for work. You will get desired support from subordinates. You will get the support of higher officials for your excellent work. Your business and profit will increase. Jobseekers can get some good news related to the promotion.

Scorpio-At this time, you are advised not to be aggressive and actions will have to be done with confidence, if possible it will be beneficial to avoid actions. You will make the idea of going to a tourist place with your spouse invigorate yourself. This journey will give you relief from stress and will also bring compatibility in married life. It’s a good time to mend relationships. The last part of the week will prove to be excellent for your professional life.

Sagittarius- Although the middle of the week will be more depressing, your happiness and confidence will remain due to sudden financial gains. At this time, some of your disappointment will be removed due to hidden benefits. There is a possibility of a visit to the temple of any of your God or Goddesses. This time is especially favourable for taking remedies due to the position of the planets.

Capricorn-In the middle of the week, there is an expectation of getting happiness in married life, but it will not be according to the expectations. By making efforts, mutual relations can be somewhat better. Along with this, there is a possibility of ending the misunderstanding with the spouse. The rest of the week can be very bad for your health, happiness, confidence, and patience. The planetary position at this time has become unbearable despair and despondency for you. You may lose your confidence and patience. You may have breathing problems. It would be good for your parents to exercise and meditate. This will keep their health good.

Aquarius- The remaining part of the week is indicating that money may be spent on resolving your health problems, debt, and litigation-related issues. Suddenly your expenses may increase and you will go on a trip. Travels will also increase your income. In the remaining part of the week, you will have less confidence, yet mutual cooperation and coordination with your spouse will be good for the purposes of increasing income.

Pisces-Your health will be fine throughout the week and your confidence will also not come down. In the last part of the week, there are indications that you will try to deal with enemies and expenses with confidence. Going on trips will give you pleasure. You will make a plan to manage your expenses and competitive exams. You will prove to be a good strategist in shaping the marketing plan to face the tough competition of the market.

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