Bank holidays in November 2022

Banking operations will remain restricted on certain days in the month of November, as per the details shared by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Banks will remain closed for a total of 10 days in the month of November. However, this will not be uniformly applied across all states and regions.

November 1 – Kannada rajyotsava
November 8 – Guru Nanak Jayanti/Kartika Purnima/Rahas Purnima
November 11 – Kanakadasa Jayanthi/Wangala Festival
November 23 – Seng Kutsnem

Other than the mentioned holidays, banks will remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays and on Sundays.
November 12: Second Saturday
November 13: Sunday
November 20: Sunday
November 26: Fourth Saturday
November 27: Sunday

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