Horoscope Today, November 20: Read about your Zodiac signs

Aries- A unique day for you. Take care of your health. Jewellery shop owners will have more sales and more profit today. The mother will help you with your work and you will be very comfortable. Some people will expect more help from you. Keep the hope and move

Taurus- Today will be beneficial for you. Pending works will be completed with satisfaction. A marriage proposal can also come for you, due to which the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant. Your married life will be happy. Health will remain good. Today is the day for love mates to add sweetness to the relationship. Gifting chocolate to your partner will make them happy. Give food to the needy.

Gemini- Today your day will be spent in the service of your parents. There is a possibility of getting some good news. A good time will be spent with the children in the evening. People associated with the political field will get a new job today, which will shape their image. You may be distracted by the problems of others, so you will try to solve their problems. If you are going to do any transaction related to the new land, then first investigate it thoroughly and serve the elders. The youth who are looking for a job today will get a job at a good place.

Cancer- Today will be a wonderful day for you. Women playing football will get a great victory today, due to which they will be awarded. Due to the increase in income today, you will feel better and the family environment will remain calm. You will spend more time teaching the children. You will give advice to a friend to avoid the problems going on in his life, which will keep their confidence high.

Leo- The best day is awaiting you by the evening. Due to dedication towards work, you will soon move towards success. Today will be a good day for the students. They will clear the topic of maths very well. Your friend may demand some important item. You will plan to watch the movie with your life partner and the mutual relationship will be good. Happiness will increase in married life.

Virgo- Today you will be excited. There are chances of getting good offers for the people doing the job. Their salary will increase. People associated with marketing businesses will get good offers today and will get maximum profit. Women of this zodiac will get good profits in business today and they will expand their businesses as well. You will feel relieved by helping an elder. Despite all the difficulties in the field of work, you will be able to face them.

Libra- Today is going to be a great day for you. It will be very beneficial for booksellers as the sale of books will increase. Your relations with the business partner will be much better. Health-wise, you will feel fresh. The newly wedded couple will visit the temple today to have a darshan of god and will pray to god for their relationship. There will be an opportunity to spend maximum time with family members.

Scorpio- You will get the support of an old friend, due to which you will be very happy. There can be a rift between brother and sister regarding something. So avoid arguing. You can think about new work, due to which you will get a lot of progress. Life partner will be impressed by you, due to which a mutual relationship will be strong. Together with your friends, you will run a social service foundation, which will help and serve many people.

Sagittarius- People doing social service will be honoured today by the local people, which will boost their morale. Love will increase in the relationship between brothers and sisters and they will work together. Your ongoing efforts in the field of business will be successful, business will progress a lot. Eat nutritious food which will improve your health. Knee disease will be treated successfully today, pain will be relieved.

Today your day will be better. The challenge related to work will come in front of you today, but you will be successful in it. You will get full support for your luck and there will be opportunities for sudden monetary gain. You have to continue trying to build up your self-confidence so that you will be able to face adverse situations. You will start some auspicious program and happiness and peace will be established in the house. Your health will be good today.

Aquarius- You will keep your point in front of others regarding any issue in society, whose impression will be clearly visible to people. Your financial condition will remain weak and you need to work hard to improve it. You should reduce unnecessary expenses so that the circumstances will be in your favour. Grandparents’ time will be spent narrating stories to the children.

Pisces-The plan to go on a foreign trip with friends will be successful and will have a lot of fun with them. People associated with the field of sports will be well trained today by their coach, which will benefit them in the field of sports. Blessings will be upon you, you will be successful soon. You will get more benefits from the child side. Will meet a new interesting person.

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