Weekly horoscope from March 5 to March 11: Know about your Zodiac sign


The coming days may help you to solve the issues. And the days ahead may see you getting a deeper understanding of a situation, researching a new subject, or doing a lot of troubleshooting. A good week for financial planning and investment and negotiations proceed smoothly as you ensure no stone is unturned. On the home front, clearing up the cupboards and giving to charity frees up your space for positive energies. A new relationship brings hope. Stay optimistic.


A chapter of your life comes to a close and now it’s time to let go. Resign from your job. Or decide to end a relationship once and for all. Time to clear away any confusion and doubt and slowly progress into a new sphere of life. Listening to the advice of a wise old man brings clarity and direction. Or you may find yourself playing advisor to a younger soul. An old stream of income dries up and you may consider new ways of earning.


Things begin to feel so predictable and unexciting. Your daily routine begins to feel stale. And the company you keep no longer stimulates you. Before you do anything hasty, remember these phases are simply a part of the journey. Time to examine the dissatisfaction you feel. And steer clear of those who do nothing but tire you with their complaints and demands. The cards assure you of busy days ahead but for now, it’s time to take a hard look at what needs to stay and what needs to go before you actually make the move. Creative pursuits bring joy, especially if music, dance or writing is a passion.


Be mindful of your ideas and your valuables. Hidden influences reveal potential loss or theft and it would be wise to be careful about who you trust and with how much. Changes at the workplace may leave everyone a little tired by the games being played but for now, you’ll stay on till something better appears. Being a little more assertive and forthright in your communications will help a loved one. They can’t always know how you feel if you don’t tell them clearly. Health matters take care of de-stressing frequently, an old stress-related ailment may flare up suddenly.


Time to bring the structure back. A little more self discipline and time management are required if things have to be completed in time. Someone’s inflexible attitude may cause tension or you may feel like rebelling against the authority figures. Just don’t do or say anything without giving it thought. A manipulative woman may get her way by being shrewd and opportunistic and it may appear as if only you see through them. But for now, don’t say anything, let the others discover her true face for themselves. A good week to let go of a bad habit and bring in some new positive habits.


Don’t be so harsh on yourself. You may have a tendency to be your own worst critic. And this may not be allowing you to learn from mistakes and grow. A period of self-discovery is ahead of you as you realise where you went wrong at the workplace and with your relationships. Make amends but don’t dwell in the negativity. Upskilling or taking up a new hobby allows you to spend time in your own growth. Women in the family may need a little more hand-holding, or you could find yourself being the person everyone turns to in times of trouble.


This week is going to be joyous for you. A family event brings everyone closer. Bouts of nostalgia may make you miss the good old days or someone special from a long time ago. Financially things look up, but you may have to plan for some large expenses in the coming weeks.

Your creative side gets activated. And you may feel like innovating, exploring and using your imagination to the fullest. Don’t hold back. A lot can be accomplished in this period. And you have the ability to draw upon your creative instincts and make quite an impact. Explore your emotional side and honour all the significant women who have helped shape you to being who you are today.


This week helps you to achieve something by your actions. Your practical side works well and more and more people depend on you. Just don’t get stressed by wanting everything to be perfect all the time. In matters of the heart, the cards urge you to take action. Expecting someone else to read your mind or waiting for them to call isn’t doing much for the relationship.


The past is over and it’s pointless to live in it. Time to take stock and be rooted in the present moment. A lot may have changed with the new normal. And a lot needs to be done if you want to catch up with what’s going on. Networking with colleagues from the old days brings leads and some news about market happenings. A reunion may be in store with classmates or an old flame who reconnects to see how you are doing.


You may start to feel like although you’ve got everything sorted out, something still remains missing in your heart. Feelings of disconnect may take over at work and with relationships. Introspect and see what needs changing within. Time to tie up loose ends and finish any pending projects before you move to something new. A new phase in your life is about to begin, but first, look over your shoulder and see how you can fit the pieces together.


When you find the balance between your needs and others’ needs, between work and family you start to feel a lot better. Exercise a little time management and start saying No to the people and the activities that only waste your time. Efficiency and achievement are ahead of you. And if you keep going this way, expect greater success. A good phase begins for entrepreneurs and Pisceans associated with the environment, sustainability and natural products.

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