‘Blindfold’ makes history as India’s first audio cinema

‘Blindfold’, the upcoming Malayalam movie marks history as India’s first audio cinema. The movie takes viewers on a journey through the perspective of a blind person, makes history as India’s first-ever audio cinema. The movie was directed by filmmaker and creative designer Binoy Karamen and produced by Klum, a Luxury apparel brand and Intellectual monkey productions.

By using sound as the primary storytelling tool, ‘Blindfold’ has created a deeply immersive cinematic experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. The movie follows the events in the life of a blind man, who becomes a witness in a murder case.

The story of a murder investigation is narrated with no visuals and puts the audience in the shoes of a blind man, with only sounds to guide them. The film’s sound design was by Ajil Kurian and Krishnan Unni with music and background score composed by Steev Benjamin, and script by Surya Gaythri.

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