Are you a freaking skincare lover? read this to protect your skin

Skincare is also considered an important habit like bathing. But there are many mistakes we are making in the name of skincare. Our skin is very tender and we must handle it without experimenting. There are many DIY videos showing that skincare products mix for high results. Does it work well for your skin, by the way? Read this article to know.

Vitamin C and Retinol

Retinol and vitamin C are both beneficial, but when used together, they can lead to inflammation. To protect against skin cancer, use vitamin C and SPF during the day before going outside, while retinol works best at night.

Vitamin C and AHA/BHA
AHA and BHA are members of the same family of fruit acids. Being acids, both depend on the pH level and mixing two acids is not a great idea. Hence, people with sensitive skin should use vitamin C during the day and protect it with a good SPF and AHA and BHA should be used at night.

Retinol and AHA/BHA
Using AHAs and BHAs with Retinol can be difficult due to potential skin peeling, redness, inflammation, irritation, and dryness. To prevent this, it is best to use them on alternate nights. You can also pair AHA and BHA with moisturisers and SPF.

Vitamin C and Niacinamide
Niacinamide and Vitamin C are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature, respectively. But combining them can reduce their effectiveness. Use them 3–4 minutes apart or until the skin absorbs the other products before layering.

SPF, moisturiser, and foundation

SPF, moisturiser, and foundation are all important for beauty products, but this trio is one of the most dangerous. Use each product separately and give your skin time to absorb each one. Skin needs to be covered in sunscreen and reapplied every few hours.

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