Where we can place god idol’s in home?

Have you ever wondered about which direction should gods face in your pooja room? According to pooja room vastu, your idols should never face each other. Instead, the preferred god-facing direction is the northeast. There is a reason why your home Pooja room is different from temples.

Temples can be a part of the home but home cannot be a part of a temple because home is a place where you live and enjoy materialistic things and temples are sacred places away from materialism. There should be no more than three or four idols at home.

Moreover, do not keep two statues of the same god. A cone-shaped arrangement is considered the most auspicious and the best way to place idols at home. There is a certain fixed place for every God statue, all the female God statues should be placed on the ride side of the Pooja room while all the Male God statues should be placed on the left side of the Pooja room. Don’t keep any broken idols in the home.

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