Heat waves likely to increase 30 times more in India; Reports

Heat waves in India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand are likely to increase 30 times more than in previous years. The study by World Weather Attribution also emphasises that the region’s high vulnerability, known as a heatwave hotspot, exacerbated the impacts of the heatwave.

During April, parts of south and southeast Asia faced an intense heatwave, reaching unprecedented temperatures exceeding 42 degrees Celsius in Laos and 45 degrees Celsius in Thailand. This extreme heat resulted in widespread hospitalisations, infrastructure damage, wildfires, and school closures.

The exact number of fatalities is currently unknown. The findings reveal that climate change made the humid heatwave in regions. However, if temperatures rise by 2 degrees Celsius, these heatwaves will become more frequent, occurring approximately once every 20 years, the report said.


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