Chamarajanagara Police Ramp Up Security Amid Tomato Theft Surge During Price Hike

Chamarajanagara police have intensified their security efforts to monitor and prevent thefts of tomatoes due to a surge in prices. In response to the increasing incidents of theft, the police have taken measures to safeguard tomato plantations in Chamarajanagar. The local authorities have issued directives to ensure the protection of these plantations. The cost of tomatoes has seen a significant rise over the past month.

Instances of theft have been reported across various gardens in Karnataka, prompting heightened security measures. Large quantities of tomatoes, valued at lakhs of rupees, have been stolen from these plantations. Recently, a tomato farm spanning one and a half acres in Kabbepura, Chamarajanagar, was vandalized. In a separate incident, it was reported that a truck driver illicitly sold tomatoes worth 20 lakhs from Kolar to Rajasthan. Additionally, a farmer was reportedly assaulted and robbed of his tomato produce.

In contrast, some farmers are reaping substantial profits from the tomato price surge. An example is Chandramouli, a farmer from Chittoor, who earned a remarkable 4 crore rupees within a span of just 45 days by selling tomatoes. Chandramouli cultivated tomatoes on his 22-acre farm, planting them in early April and harvesting at the end of June. He sold his tomato harvest in the Kolar market in Karnataka, where a 15 kg box of tomatoes is sold for Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500. Remarkably, Chandramouli managed to sell an impressive 40,000 boxes over the course of these 45 days.

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