Supreme Court to Address Manipur Issue Cases Today

Today, the Supreme Court is set to hear the cases concerning the Manipur issue. Earlier, on August 7, the Supreme Court had designated two committees to investigate the situation in Manipur and implement necessary actions. The developments since then will be examined by the Supreme Court during today’s proceedings.

A panel of three judges, led by former High Court judge Geeta Mittal and Datara Padsalgikar, has been established for this purpose. The Investigation Oversight Committee, headed by an IPS officer, is already operational. The Supreme Court will also review the plea of the young women who were subjected to rape and subsequent humiliation, involving their forced nudity. The state government is expected to apprise the Supreme Court of the situation’s control status, along with the registration of FIRs against all complaints.

Furthermore, the central government will provide clarification on the details brought forth by the 54-member CBI investigation team in the Supreme Court today. Concurrently, the department responsible for addressing complaints will update the court on the status of delayed justice. The bench, presided over by the Chief Justice, is handling this matter as the 24th case on the docket.

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