Enhanced Delivery and Sunday Opening of Ration Shops Amid Onam Kit Crisis, Says Food Minister

Amidst concerns regarding the availability of OnamKits, the Food Department has initiated urgent measures for resolution. Food Minister JR Anil has instructed the prompt preparation of all OnamKits by this afternoon. Additionally, Milma will be called upon to swiftly supply the currently unavailable Paysammix and ghee components.

This decision was reached during an emergency meeting convened by the Food Minister. The minister has also mandated the opening of ration shops on Sunday to facilitate the comprehensive distribution of the kits. With only 14,000 kits purchased yesterday, the objective is to provide a total of 5.87 lakh kits to yellow cardholders.

Owing to a severe financial situation, the government has curtailed the distribution of kits this time. Alongside yellow cardholders, Supplyco has announced that 20,000 individuals residing in orphanages will also receive OnamKits.

Supplyco’s provision encompasses a selection of thirteen items, encompassing tea, coconut oil, stews, and powders. The kit includes a total of fourteen items and is accompanied by a cloth bag. Last year, the government managed to supply kits to 87 lakh cardholders out of a total of 93 lakh.

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