Tragic Jeep Accident Claims Nine Lives in Mananthavady

A devastating incident occurred in Mananthavady, resulting in the loss of nine lives of plantation workers. The fatal accident transpired as the jeep, carrying 14 occupants, negotiated a bend, lost control, and plunged nearly 30 meters down a gorge filled with rocks.

The tragic event unfolded around 3:30 pm on a road section connecting Kannothumala and Thalappuzha, near the Kannothumala bus waiting shed. This road is frequently used by plantation workers who rely on jeeps, despite its challenging terrain featuring sharp turns and steep descents. The road is flanked by a deep gorge on one side.

Local residents passing by were the first to witness the accident. They promptly rallied more help, utilizing ropes to rescue those trapped inside the vehicle. Law enforcement arrived shortly after, and with concerted efforts, the injured individuals were lifted using ropes and conveyed to the hospital. All the victims were taken to Mananthavady Government Medical College, situated around 20 kilometers from the accident site.

Out of the 14 occupants in the jeep, including 13 female plantation workers and the driver named Mani, nine tragically lost their lives in the mishap. Six reportedly perished at the scene. The deceased have been identified as Rani (58), Shantha (61), Chinnama (59), Leela (60), Shaja Babu (38), Rabiya (55), Karthyayani (65), Chithra (32), and an unidentified individual. Among the injured are Mani (the driver), Latha, Jayanthi, Mohanasundari, and Umadevi. Meanwhile, two individuals with severe injuries were transferred to Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital on Friday night. The remaining three are currently receiving treatment at Mananthavady.

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