OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT 4O: Redefining Friendship with Advanced Intelligence

“Feeling troubled or down? ChatGPT is here to provide support. With the latest upgrade, ChatGPT 4O offers advanced assistance.

It reassures that there are many reasons to find happiness and advises against excessive worry. Acknowledging persistent problems can help restore confidence. If feelings of unease persist, counseling is recommended, and I can guide you to appropriate resources. I’ll also follow up later to check for any changes, much like a friend would.

This new version, ChatGPT 4O, was released recently, offering more human-like responses, including humor and investigative abilities.

The ‘O’ in 4O signifies ‘Omni’ or ‘All’, indicating its comprehensive features. It now accepts verbal questions and provides responses in audio format. Additionally, you can upload images, screenshots, and videos for inquiries. For instance, sending a video of a car will result in details about its model, name, and price.

ChatGPT, initially launched in November 2022, has undergone significant improvements with 4O:

It’s available for free to existing GPT customers.

It operates twice as fast and has five times the capacity of the original model.

It can store and recall information.

It supports multitasking during conversations.

The enhanced ChatGPT is beneficial in professional settings and saves time.

It boasts technical expertise.”

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