Disruption and Dispute at Sunny Leone-Promoted Fashion Show

A major fashion show event that had promoted appearances by movie stars, including Sunny Leone, descended into chaos as a heated verbal dispute erupted. Approximately 100 police officers were dispatched to the scene, resulting in the event’s cancellation and the arrest of the organizer. Many individuals, including the organizers, were forcibly removed from the venue. The event, known as the ‘Fashion Race – Win Your Passion’ designer show and the ‘Golden Reels Film Awards,’ was taking place at the Calicut Trade Center in Kozhikode Sarovaram but ended in a verbal altercation.

The police revealed that there had been an extensive social media campaign related to the designer show since last April. Social media featured a video with Minister J Chinchurani and various film stars, including Sunny Leone, congratulating the event. The campaign aimed to encourage even those without prior experience in the fashion industry, including children, to participate in the program. The organizers had indicated that it would cost approximately Rs 6000 per child to participate.

The program was scheduled to run for three days in Kozhikode, with participants instructed to arrive a day earlier. According to the police, 764 families from across the state had come to Kozhikode for the event. It was initially promised that children would receive catwalk training at the trade center, along with training from film stars and leading designers. However, the event lacked prominent designers, and parents complained about the poor quality of the clothing provided to their children.

Tensions escalated during the program on September 1, as it had been announced that children would have the opportunity to walk the runway in the evening. However, they were only allowed on stage for a brief period, leading to dissatisfaction among the participants’ parents. Private security personnel of the event attempted to intervene, further exacerbating the situation. Subsequently, the police arrived and halted the event, citing that the organizers had not obtained permission to hold such a large-scale event at the trade center.

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