Minors Discovered Inebriated Along Riverbanks; Authorities File Charges Against Beverage Store Workers

The police have taken legal action against the staff of a beverage store for allegedly supplying alcohol to underage individuals in violation of the Abkari Act. This response comes after a viral video surfaced, depicting four inebriated children sitting near a river.

During the school’s Onam celebration on the 25th, an individual from the opposite direction captured a video of these four youngsters consuming alcohol and subsequently lying down. The video gained widespread traction on social media, sparking considerable public outcry. In light of this, the police promptly launched an investigation into the matter.

Upon interviewing the children involved, it was revealed that some of their schoolmates had procured the alcohol for them. Subsequent inquiries uncovered that the minors had purchased the alcoholic beverages from a beverage shop located in Muvattupuzha. The crux of the case revolves around the accusation that alcohol was furnished to underage individuals, resulting in the registration of a case against all employees of the Muvattupuzha Beverage store.

However, the store’s employees maintain their innocence, asserting that they did not provide alcohol to minors. Consequently, the police suspect the involvement of intermediaries in this incident. They have indicated that a clearer understanding of the situation will emerge following a review of the CCTV footage, with appropriate action to be taken thereafter.

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