KSRTC Sets New All-Time Revenue Record with 8.79 Crores Collected on Monday Alone

KSRTC has achieved an unprecedented record in revenue collection. On Monday, September 4, which marked the first working day after Onam, KSRTC raked in a remarkable daily revenue of 8.79 crores, surpassing the previous record set on January 16. Notably, this impressive collection was primarily in the southern region, overtaking the previous record of 8.48 crores.

During this Onam season, from August 26 to October 4, KSRTC managed to accumulate a total of 70.97 crores, with five days exceeding 7 crores in revenue. The figures for these exceptional days are as follows: 7.88 crores on the 26th, 7.58 crores on the 27th, 6.79 crores on the 28th, 4.39 crores on the 29th, 6.40 crores on the 30th, 7.11 crores on the 31st, 7.79 crores on September 1st, 7.29 crores on the 2nd, and 6.92 crores on the 3rd.

The CMD (Chief Managing Director) attributed this remarkable achievement to the concerted efforts of the KSRTC management and its dedicated employees, expressing gratitude to all the hardworking staff members. He also mentioned that the target is to reach a daily revenue of 9 crores by increasing the number of buses in service, although the delay in acquiring new buses has proven to be a challenge.

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