Nipah Virus Alert Raised in Kozhikode After Two Suspected Deaths

An alert for Nipah virus has been issued in Kozhikode following the occurrence of two suspicious deaths associated with fever at a private hospital. Two male patients, hailing from Maruthonkara and Thiruvallur, have passed away, displaying symptoms consistent with Nipah virus infection. One of them, aged 49, died on August 30, while the other, aged 40, succumbed to the illness at around 8 PM on Monday night. A nine-year-old child, a relative of one of the deceased, is currently receiving treatment at the same hospital, exhibiting similar symptoms. Samples from these cases have been sent to the Pune Virology Institute for thorough examination.

In response to these incidents, a high-level meeting was convened under the supervision of the health minister in Thiruvananthapuram. The health department has subsequently issued a Nipah alert in Kozhikode, and the district collector is scheduled to hold a meeting with healthcare officials in the district on Tuesday morning to address the situation.

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