Surge in Broiler Chicken Price Hits Rs 168 per Kg in State, Beef and Mutton Costs Soar

The price of broiler chicken has surged to Rs 168 per kilogram, with meat reaching Rs 256 per kilogram, as reported on Monday by the Broiler Coordination Committee (BCC), a collective of farm owners and sellers primarily operating in South India. However, regional disparities may lead to variations in prices.

Over the span of just one month, the cost of chicken has escalated by Rs 35. In December 2023, broiler chicken was priced at less than Rs 100 per kilogram. The recent increase represents a substantial surge of 60–70 percent within a few months.

The spike in prices is largely attributed to a shortage in chicken production caused by the intense summer heat. The soaring temperatures have deterred farmers from rearing chickens, as approximately 40 percent of chicks are succumbing to heatstroke out of every 1000 raised. Consequently, the availability of chicken has dwindled in states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Prior to the onset of summer, the price of a broiler chick stood at Rs 22. However, the current rate has skyrocketed to approximately Rs 58. Farm owners predict that the cost will soar to Rs 114 per chick upon reaching maturity.

Additionally, the cost of beef and mutton has also surged in the state. Beef with bones is now priced at Rs 300, while boneless beef commands Rs 360 per kilogram. In certain areas, retail prices have exceeded Rs 400. Traders anticipate a further increase of Rs 20 per kilogram by next week. Meanwhile, the price of mutton hovers around Rs 800 per kilogram, with retail rates reaching Rs 900–1,000 in certain regions.

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