Suspected Nipah Cases: 75 Contacts Identified, Test Results Awaited for Two Critical Patients

In an update on the suspected Nipah cases, Health Minister Veena George revealed that 75 individuals have been identified as contacts of the patients under suspicion. These individuals are all part of the primary contact list, and the ministry is currently verifying the travel history of the deceased patients.

Four individuals in Kozhikode are currently receiving medical attention due to exhibiting symptoms related to Nipah. Of particular concern are the conditions of a nine-year-old and a four-year-old, both of whom are in a critical state. Additionally, the wife of the deceased Maruthonkara resident is under observation as a precautionary measure.

Samples, including those from the deceased patients, were dispatched to Pune for testing last night. The results are expected later today. Health Minister Veena George addressed the media following a review meeting on the Nipah situation.

To tackle this situation, 16 teams have been assembled to oversee preventive measures. A dedicated control room will also be established. Contact tracing efforts commenced promptly. The public is advised to visit hospitals only for emergencies and to refrain from visiting patients unnecessarily. The minister emphasized the importance of avoiding the spread of false information.

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