US Applauds India’s Tariff Reduction on American Agricultural Products

The United States has expressed its approval of India’s recent decision to lower tariffs on various American agricultural items.

In a recent development, India has agreed to reduce tariffs on specific US products, including frozen turkey, frozen duck, fresh blueberries, cranberries in various forms (frozen, dried, processed), thereby opening up new economic opportunities for American agricultural producers in this significant market and facilitating the export of more US goods to Indian consumers.

US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack welcomed this move, emphasizing its potential to create fresh market prospects for US producers and exporters. He highlighted the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to rebuilding trust and strengthening relationships with global trading partners like India, working through international organizations like the World Trade Organization to ensure fair access for US agriculture in key export markets.

This action follows India’s earlier decision to remove retaliatory tariffs on US apples, chickpeas, lentils, almonds, and walnuts, a development announced earlier this summer and now in effect. However, Vilsack noted that despite these positive steps, substantial tariff and non-tariff barriers continue to challenge American agricultural product access to the Indian market.

Senator Amy Klobuchar commended the agreement to lower tariffs on US turkey exports to India, which will reduce tariffs on frozen turkey product exports from 30 percent to 5 percent. She emphasized that high tariffs had hindered American turkey farmers from accessing the Indian market for far too long.

Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine stated that this tariff reduction will not only enhance the partnership between India and the US but also boost demand for Virginia poultry, supporting economic activity in the region. In 2021, Virginia ranked sixth in turkey production in the US, contributing significantly to the state’s poultry industry with substantial economic impact.

Joel Brandenberger, President, and CEO of the National Turkey Federation, lauded the efforts of both the US and Indian governments to significantly lower tariffs, creating a valuable new market for US turkey producers and providing more affordable access to nutritious protein for Indian consumers. He also thanked Senators Mark R. Warner and Thom Tillis for their efforts to ensure the competitiveness of US turkey growers in the Indian marketplace.

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