Legal Revelation Unveils Manipulation of Letter in Solar Harassment Case

In a significant legal disclosure, Advocate Feny Balakrishnan has shed light on the tampering of a letter associated with the solar harassment case. Balakrishnan, while addressing a press conference in Thiruvananthapuram, revealed that the survivor in the case had not authored the letter in question. Instead, the survivor had provided a draft of the complaint, which was subsequently taken to Balakrishna Pillai’s residence.

According to Balakrishnan, the names of prominent figures Oommen Chandy and Jose K Mani had been added to the letter, falsely attributed to the survivor by Saranya Manoj. Balakrishnan, who serves as the survivor’s legal representative, exposed K B Ganesh Kumar and Saranya Manoj as the alleged masterminds behind this manipulation.

Balakrishnan explained, “Saranya Manoj and Pradeep included the names of Oommen Chandy and Jose K Mani under the directive of Ganesh Kumar. When Ganesh Kumar was denied a ministerial position, Oommen Chandy’s name was introduced to tarnish his reputation. These additions were made while traveling in a car on the Kottarakkara-Thiruvananthapuram route, and the survivor held a press conference with the fabricated letter.”

Furthermore, Balakrishnan asserted that he possesses various documents, including a CD, related to the case. Several individuals had approached him for this evidence. He also disclosed that Ganesh Kumar’s personal assistant had been covering the complainant’s legal fees, and Ganesh Kumar had even offered him the position of public prosecutor.

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