Birth Certificate to Serve as Single Document for Various Services from October 1

Starting from October 1, an amended law will enable the use of birth certificates as a single document for various services and purposes, including admission to educational institutions, obtaining driving licenses, applying for Aadhaar cards or passports, and registering marriages.

The Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Act, 2023, which was passed by Parliament during the last monsoon session and received presidential assent on August 11, will officially come into effect on October 1.

This legislation allows individuals born on or after the commencement date of the Act to use their birth certificate as a single document to prove their date and place of birth for a range of purposes, including admission to educational institutions, obtaining driving licenses, being included in voter lists, registering marriages, and securing government job appointments at the central or state level, as well as within local bodies, public sector undertakings, or statutory or autonomous bodies under the central or state government.

One of the primary objectives of this law is to establish national and state-level databases of registered births and deaths, which will ultimately lead to more efficient and transparent delivery of public services and social benefits, as well as the digitization of registration processes.

Furthermore, the legislation will introduce provisions for digital registration and electronic delivery of birth and death certificates, enhancing public convenience and reducing the need for multiple documents to verify one’s date and place of birth in the country.

Key provisions of the Act include changes in the authority responsible for registering delayed births or deaths, mandatory provision of the cause of death certificate by medical institutions, appointment of special “sub-registrars” during disasters or epidemics for prompt death registration, collection of Aadhaar numbers, and increased penalties for non-compliance.

Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai emphasized the need for amending the original Act, which had remained unchanged since its inception, to align it with societal changes and technological advancements while making it more citizen-friendly.

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